Play Identity V on Windows with Koplayer

Are you interested in thrilling and adventurous games? Then, Identity V is completely designed for players like you. It is a survival horror game in which the aim of each player is to survive the attacks of a serial killer. This serial killer is on his mission to kill everyone in the game.

Identity V Using KOPlayer

When you start this game, you will play as a detective and you have to find a missing girl. As Identity V is a multiplayer game, your team has to perform all possible activities and be always careful to protect yourself from the attacks of a serial killer. This game is a perfect choice for those who always look for something adventurous to kill their boredom.

In this gameplay, to avoid getting caught, you too have to play as the psychotic killer and have to take the lives of many survivors. It is so because you do not know who is a serial killer among the number of other players in the game.

Each character in the game has multiple special skills. The players need to activate the number of control points that are spread around every scene so that you can open up an escape gateway. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on his mission of hunting and killing the survivors. If you are caught twice by this killer, the game is over.

Getting Identity V on PC

Do you want to play Identity V on your computer running Windows OS? It becomes quite easier with the help of one of the best ways to perform this task.

Android emulator is a very effective solution to install Android games on Windows PC without any money. Yes, the software is available free of cost and also it does not require any kind of paid tool. The whole process of installing Identity V on your system is easier and stress-free.

Here are the steps where we are using Koplayer as one of the highly effective android emulators to get your game on Windows PC.

  • Start with downloading Koplayer on your system with the help of a link listed here.
  • The next step is to click the .exe file to start the installation of the emulator.
  • Once it is installed perfectly, download Identity V APK and start its installation process.
  • Another way is to use the drag and drop function of the emulator to install Identity V APK.
  • After the installation, you will find its icon on the emulator’s home page.
  • So, click this icon and open it.
  • Start playing the game and be aware of the serial killer.

Get this horror adventure game right now and experience something different from what you have played ever on your device. Be ready to enjoy this thrilling and adventure gaming experience.